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SewFancyPants 2020: My 2nd Chandler Pants


Last year I really wanted to participate in SewFancyPants but it just didn’t happen, other makes had a priority. This year, the stars have aligned and I made a pair. It helped that one of my 2020 goals is to make more bottoms and I just recently pattern tested the Chandler pants.


There were some changes in the pattern from the pattern test to the final version in the darted pant version. Mostly with the dart. So I did reprint the front pant pattern piece to use the final version. I had no waistband issues this time.

As for my changes, last time I added 1″ to the leg length, I took that out., it’s the original length. It works great for me, but keep in mind I’m 5’7″ so if you are on the shorter side, you may want to shorten these.

Last time I took 1″ out of the rise, this time I only took 1/2″ so it’s closer to how it’s drafted, but I think next time I would go back to 1′ taken out. It sits a bit high for me. I tend to want it to sit lower if I’m tucking in my shirt.

The only other change I made was I took 1″ out of the thigh. My thighs are pretty thin and pants often look pretty baggy in that area. It is improved, but I would be inclined to shave a little more off next time too.


I used this Silk Noil fabric from I love the fabric. They have a casual/comfy vibe while still looking professional. This was my first time using Silk Noil,  I think I excepted it to feel more silky, but it almost feels like a linen to me. There is a bit of warmth to them which is great for the cold weather we are having.


I ordered 2.5 yards. It wasn’t quite enough, maybe I should have cut on a single layer, maybe I should have read how much yardage to buy. Anyways, it was no big deal because the waistband fully folds inside, so I cut the back waistband out of a different fabric, which I ended up loving, it’s a fun touch.


Pattern: Chandler Pants by Untitled Thoughts

Size: 6

Fabric: Silk Noil

Alterations: 1″ taken out of thigh, 1/2″ out of rise

Overall: This is my 2nd time making this pattern. It’s currently my favorite work pant pattern. I want to be comfy at work but still professional and these fit the bill.




Ironing Board Cover


3ish years ago, my sewing journey started. I didn’t even have an ironing board. So I bought the cheapest Target had, that would fit well in my apartment. They still sell it here. $10. It’s done me well. I love that it’s a tabletop and even though I mostly leave it there, I can move it away for more desk space.

After 3 years, it needed a facelift. The blue cover has so many ugly marks on it. I threw it away before taking a photo, so I’ll spare you the details, it was bad. I stumbled upon a tutorial on pinterest, saved it and finally got around to following it. If you are interested, the tutorial is this one.


I basically deconstructed the blue cover, used to cut out my new fabric, adding 2″ of seam allowance. I saved the old cord as it was still good to string through the casing.


Now in the back photos you can see the lame foam the old one had. I fully plan on buying some 100% cotton batting to put into it. For now, I just left the old foam in. $10 ironing board doesn’t have the best padding. expected.

When I do get the batting, I’ll just use the foam to cut it out.


This was so quick to do and I’m so happy I took the time to do it. It really helps the space feel more creative and clean.


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Evans Blazer: A Taylor Swift Recreation


I’ve had this make on my mind for a few months. Really since Taylor wore it in Japan. Yup, this is another Taylor Swift inspired make. I can’t help myself.


I found the look through Taylor Swift style. She has an instagram too, which is where I saw it first. Gotta give credit there.


Blazers are hard for me. I typically feel too dressed up in them. I’m a teacher, not a CEO. But Hey June released the Evan’s Blazer not too long ago and there are a few things I really like about it.  The main attribute is it’s made for knits. Comfort! Stable knits, so don’t get too crazy. I’m not sure how stable stretch velvet is, probably not very, but I found it to work pretty well.


The main hack I did to this pattern to make it more like my inspiration garment was the pocket flap. The pattern features welt pockets which are great. The inspiration pockets are more at an angle, but I didn’t move them since I hadn’t made the pattern before. I made the pocket flaps by simply drafting a rectangle, cutting it out 4 times, sewing right sides together, turn it right side out and attaching it. Pretty simple hack when it comes to drafting.


I sewed up a size 8, and lengthened the sleeves by 1.5″.  Otherwise no changes. I would consider this pattern more of an intermediate pattern due to the welts and collar. The few tricky bits are covered well in a blog post on Hey June.


I added a self-covered button but omitted the button hole. So yes, it’s just for looks. I will never wear it closed and I was a bit nervous about making a buttonhole on this fabric.


Pattern: Evan’s Blazer by Hey June

Fabric: Stretch Velvet from

Size: 8

Alterations: 1.5″ length to sleeves, added pocket flaps

Overall: I’m in love with this. I need to be more comfortable wearing blazers. This pattern was really fun to sew up. Of coarse, I am a huge Hey June fan so a little bias,



Chandler Pants: untitled thoughts Pattern Test


My second every pattern test! I’m so excited to share these with you. I’ve been wanting a pants pattern for work that is a bit more casual. I had been considering the Arenite pants and making the Hudson’s in a woven. When I got the opputunity to try this pattern out, I jumped on it. They looked perfect with an elastic back, and clean front.


There is a pleated front view and a dart view. I chose the dart front mostly because I haven’t liked pleated front pants on me in the past. Mostly my experience with M7726.

I used a rayon challis from I’m pretty sure it’s this one. used to have where you could go to your account orders and it would list the fabric you use, now it just shows tracking and total you spent. Kinda annoying.

I’m semi-happy with my fabric choice. Rayon challis is so comfy and will be perfect or spring. However, I’m nervous with the fabric that it comes off as too relaxed/pajama-ish for work. I want to make another one of these in a solid fabric that will so off the pocket detail more, hold more structure to look more work appropriate.


Untitled thoughts specifies that it’s drafted for 5’8″ longer torso. I’m 5″7′ with a normal torso, longer legs. So I added 1″ to the legs and took an inch out of the rise. I could have gone without adding the inch to the legs but I’m happy with the length. I think next time I may take another inch out of the rise. A reminder that this is a pattern test and there may have been changes from the version I sewed up.


The instructions are beautifully written. Very easy to follow. She really holds your hand through it. The waistband would be the only tricky part, but I found that still pretty easy.


I did have to recut the waistband with more length.  This was a pattern error that has since been fixed. The dart is a bit bigger and length of pockets a bit shorter. When I make this pattern again, I will reprint the pattern and use the final version.


Pattern: Chandler pants by Untitled thoughts

Size: 6

Alterations: 1″ out of rise, 1″ added to leg length

Overall: I’m very excited to make more of these. I highly recommend these for a comfortable work pant.



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My second Blackwood Cardigan


If you read my 2019 sewing data review, you would have seen that I made quite a few Helen’s Closet patterns. You could say I love her patterns. I’ve made a majority of her patterns and I’m sure I will make more this year.

I bought a sweater knit from with the intention of making another Taos top. However when the fabric came, I second guessed my choice, and was worried it would be too warm. I actually think it would have made a great Taos top. But, in my worry, I got redirected to making it into a Blackwood.


I have been wearing my 1st Blackwood a ton. It’s a go-to. Found here. I decided to opt out of pockets and shorten the length by 4″. It’s still longer than the short version. I still wanted it longer than shirt length.

The 1st time a used a lightweight jersey fabric. This is much warmer. A cozy make.

I did have this cut out a few months ago and it’s been a back burner project. I’ve wanted to make it, but had other priorities when it came to my sewing time. Especially once Christmas came. Once I got caught up on everything, I decided to whip this up before carrying it into 2020.


I did lengthen the sleeves, which is not necessary. They are extra long. I do prefer extra long sleeves in my cardigans. It makes them more cozy.


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Sew Family Jammies: Me and the hubs


I managed to cram these in before Christmas. To be honest, I’m so glad they are complete. I had in my mind back in January I was going to make PJ’s for myself in December to go along with Sewmystyle. When Sew Altered Style made the sew family jammies challenge, I jumped in adding John’s pants to the list. Well, since I planned these so far in advance, I kinda lost my spark for these after I finished making John’s pants.


I ordered 4.5 yards of flannel. I really needed at least 5 yards to pattern match. If you saw my instagram, you’ll know the thought of pattern matching 2 pairs of flannel pants on 4.5 yards of fabric sounded so exhausting that I did not even attempt. I did use just about all the fabric, so it may not have even been possible. I was afraid I would get started and then run out of fabric and I did not want to order more. I was being cheap.Image result for simplicity 8802

I debated on several different patterns for John but ultimately went with Simplicity 8802 because simplicity patterns were on sale when I was at Joanns, and I liked the bottom cuff. These are fairly simple, straightforward pajama pants. Nothing tricky here. I sewed up a size Large and added 1″ to the length.


John doesn’t really wear pajama pants, so these are more like loungewear for playing video games.


I made Butterick 6296 for my bottoms. My second time with the pattern. I added 1.5″ to the length which I probably only needed 3/4″ added. I also took out an inch in the rise which I’m really happy with.The pants went together very quick and easy,

Image result for butterick 6296

Lastly, I made Simplicity 8995, which I have a lot more to say about.Image result for simplicity 8995

I made a size medium with a severe small bust adjustment. I added 1.5″ to the sleeves which was a mistake. It’s a normal adjustment for me but I should not have.


I tried to insert the elastic into the sleeve, but I didn’t like how it looked. It also probably should have been shorter elastic for my wrists. I ended up cutting off the elastic and hemming, basically taking off the length that I added. I didn’t even attempt the elastic at the hem. I knew I wouldn’t like it.


I did find the sleeves were too wide for omitting the elastic, so I went back in after the photos and slimmed the arm up by running it through my serger. I also wish the front length was a little longer.

As for the ruffle detail, I love that. Love how the neckline is finished.


I got both fabrics from flannel and rayon modal jersey. It was my first time working with modal jersey and I found that to be a really great experience.


I did find myself burnt out by the time I finished making these. I wanted to take all the shortcuts. I should have pattern matched. I should have got out my twin needle and hem stabilizer. I’m currently working on a really fun make as a palette cleanser. I have no interest in doing assembly line makes in the future. I had several Christmas gifts that were done in an assembly line way but also just making his pants and then similar pants for me felt like an assembly line.

I had hoped for a better review of these but December can be an exhausting time. I’m ready for January. I liked both pants patterns. I could make the simplicity pattern work better for me, this wears more like a wearable muslin. I should have known I wouldn’t like elastic at my wrists. I would have preferred to make cuffs.