Grandpa Cardigan: A Taylor Swift inspired Make

My first make of 2021. It feels good to start the year off with a win. I’m in love with the make I’m sharing with you today. It’s cozy. The fit is perfect. Everything is sewn beautifully.

I used the Grandpa Cardi from Pattern for Pirates using Faux cable knit from

If you have been following me for a bit, you know I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. She’s been dropping bombs on us left and right with Folklore and Evermore both released in 2020. The main piece of Merch from Folklore is the cardigan. She has a song named “Cardigan”. I took a lot of inspiration from this merch piece.

I didn’t want to buy that cardigan mostly because I prefer my handmade wardrobe. But I also wasn’t sure about the length and color for me. However, I did take a lot of inspiration from it. I noted the cable knit fabric, the star appliqué patches and 3 buttons for me own.

I also follow Lori from GirlsintheGarden on instagram. She recently posted this Cardigan which spurred me on in the making my own grandpa Cardi. I love her cardigan. She used the Esme Cardigan which is no longer available. After a bit of digging, I landed on the Patterns for Pirates Cardigan.

I got the star appliqués from JoAnn’s. They come in a pack of 3, so I got 2 packs. The great thing about the Grandpa Cardi is it has elbow patches in the pattern, so I was able to use the marking on the pattern to guide my placement of the stars. I attached the appliqués after cutting out my fabric but before sewing it all together.

I did want to make sure to show you the inside. It is a Faux cable knit, so it’s not on both sides like a real cable knit. I’m pretty sure Lori’s fabric was textured on both sides. But I did find this fabric very warm still.

I sewed up a size Large in the shortest length, no bands. I did a small bust adjustment. I also added an inch to the sleeve but it wasn’t necessary. The sleeves are long. I’m glad I didn’t add my normal 1.5″ I took the hem up an extra 1/2″ so the final garment is 1/2″ longer than the pattern. Keep that in mind if you make it and you have short arms. The sleeves come long.

I did cut the sleeves and body pieces on the crossgrain so that the cables would run vertically. The neckband and pockets are cut on grain.

I used my coverstitch on the pockets, hems and neckband topstitching. I love the coverstitch, it just levels up this make.

I really enjoyed this pattern/fabric combo. Thanks for reading.


McCall’s 8024 Review

Oh do I love a good cheetah print. I’m convinced I won’t ever run out of room for animal print in my closet. I’ve been wanting to try out McCall’s 8024 for a while, and I finally gave it a go.

I really like the Batwings of this pattern. It seemed very cozy and suitable for the current weather. I sewed up View B in a Large. I did grade to Medium near the bust area, but I don’t think it made any difference with the extra fabric for the batwing. I did add 1.5″ to the sleeve cuff.

As much as I love the outside cheetah print of the fabric, I would not recommend this particular fabric to you. It’s a French Terry from Fashion Fabrics club. It is not as soft as most French terry’s. It feels more like a beach towel rather than a sweater knit.

This sewed up so quickly. Especially because I used my serger to sew up the main seams. In the past, I sew with my machine first and then the serger, because I couldn’t trust my serger to reliably sew up a strong seam on knits. But, Your girl got a new serger, Babylock Celebrate. It’s working like a dream. I also used my coverstitch for the neckline and hem, so I feel like this garment looks very professional.

There is one pattern change I would like to do next time. I’d like to make the cuff a bit smaller at the top and gather the batwing a little bit. As is, the batwing traditions straight to the cuff without much change. I’d like the cuff to be a bit more noticeable.


Sewing Makes Catch Up

Wrapping up this year, I realized I had some makes I really liked but I didn’t feel like I could blog about them. Simply put; I thought it would be boring to make a whole post for patterns that I’ve already blogged about, especially when there were little to no changes made in the pattern.

  1. Kalle Flannel Shirt by Closet Core Patterns

This is my 8th time making the Kalle. It’s a record for me. There were some changes from previous iterations, I used my mitered corner hack as my base, I added enough length to the front to match the back. I took the sleeve tabs from M7252. I also moved length from the cuff to the main sleeve pattern, as I’ve found the cuff to long for my tastes, I moved about 1.5 inches.

2. Sabrina Slims by Love Notions

I made 2 unclogged Sabrina Slims. I just fine tuned the fitting on it. I did try out the welt pockets on the Scuba pink plaid version. Sadly, if you read my top 5 misses then you saw the navy Ponte pair. The fabric was just failing me.

3. McCalls’ Emmie

This was for my Christmas top this year. I made some fit changes on this iteration. I took about 1/2″ out of the neckline. I also widened the sleeve cap by about 1/2″. My previous Emmie just was too long in the bodice/neckline and tight in the sleeve. I really love this pattern and how my Christmas top turned out,

4. Savannah Top by Made for Mermaids

My first version was posted to the Minerva blog. I literally made no changes to this one. I simply wanted a yellow version in my closet.

I hope you enjoyed catching up on some of my 2nd (or 8th) iterations of patterns. I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for my sewing.


2020 Sewing Data

This is one of my favorite posts to make each year. I always learn so much about my sewing. I highly encourage you take a look at what you’ve sewn. It really gives clarity of what brands I preferred, what my closet might be lacking.

Basically this post is all about the numbers. I’ve counted up my makes in terms of type of garment and pattern.

In total I made 75 garments this year. I could have 1-2 more before the end of the year, but that’s not guaranteed. If I made a set, like 5 headbands, I counted that as one. Last year I made 70. I’m probably starting to find my sewing pace. I will say I reached 50 around June/July with extra quarantine time, but Aug-Oct was very slow for me. School took a lot more time than previous years. Jan-July I have probably 6-7 garments a month and then aug-0ct was like 2-3 garments a month.

Let’s look at patterns first:
Listed from most to least
– McCalls 11
-Love Notions 8
-Green Style Creations 7
-Simplicity, Self Drafted, & Closet Core patterns: 6
-Untitled Thoughts 4
-Alena Design Co 3
-Butterick, Megan Nielson, Hey June, Chalk and Notch, & Made for Mermaids: 2
One hit wonders: New Look, Deer & Doe, Helen’s Closet, Sew Liberated, Maddlynne, Emerald Erin, Sew Sweetness, Mimi G, French Navy, Blank Slate, & Grainline

Big Four vs. Indie:

Big four 27%
Indie 61%
Pretty dead on with last year.

Very interesting. Last year, I sewed more Simplicity than McCalls. I think this is because Simplicity fits me better out straight out of the pattern, but I prefer the design of McCalls more. And this year I really figured out how to fit McCalls to my body. Also Hey June and Helen’s Closet were my top Indie patterns last year. I still love them, but I just didn’t make their patterns much this year. Love Notions and Green Style took the Indie crowns this year. We can owe this mostly to the Sabrina Slims and Moxie shorts, but I made a few other patterns from both of them too.

Garment type:

Shirts: 26. 35%
Pants: 10. 13%
Dresses: 10. 13%
Misc: 9. 12%
Skirts: 5. 7%
Jacket/Cardigans: 5. 7%
Jumpsuit/Pinafores: 2 3%
Bras: 2. 3%
Swim: 2. 3%
PJ’s: 2. 3%
Coats: 1
John: 1

I really happy with this. I wanted to focus on pants this year. I didn’t make the most of those, but I made a good amount. I’m happy I didn’t go overboard with dresses. Separates are worn much more.


Let’s see 1st time sews vs. repeat patterns

1st time sews: 39
Repeated patterns: 29

In previous year, I would have less repeated patterns. I’m really glad I’m making my patterns cheaper per use and took the time to understand fit with those patterns.

Thanks for taking a look back at my makes with me. Did any of the numbers surprise you?


Top 5 Goals for 2021 + Makenine2021

Closing out the top 5 lists are my goals for 2021. I’m so happy with my sewing for 2020 that I have some big plans. I’m going to go into my top 5 overall goals and then I’ll share my more specific make 9 for 2021.

  1. Drafting: This my number 1 goal. This is the one area I feel like my attempts resulted in failure this year. I hope to improve at rubbing off RTW but I also want to create my own sloper. I got the patter making for fashion design book for Christmas and plan to put it to use.

  2. Taylor Swift inspired pieces. If you saw my reflections, you’ll see that I really enjoyed replicating RTW pieces. I really want to be more inspired in my makes and not just making to stay busy. I already have a cardigan I’m going to make inspired by… the Taylor Cardigan. Which I might actually work on before the first of the year. I’d like to venture into designing a garment based on one of her songs rather than what she wears. I just want to play with it and have some fun.
  3. Competitions: I really like a challenge, whether self-inflicted or given by someone else. Sadly, SewMyStyle is not happening next year. I’d like to try out pattern review competitions. Know of any good sewing competitions, send them my way. I like that competitions can put you a little out of your comfort zone, learn new things, and I like that it creates some community.
  4. Burnt Orange: My closet has like 2 things that are orange in it. I’m not sure yet if I’ll just try to add some here and there, or if I’ll create a collection around it, but I would like to add some of this color to my wardrobe,
  5. Learn to waterproof seams: this is a bit linked to one of my make nine makes, but it’s a skill I know nothing about. I want to learn how to create waterproof garments i.e. coats/jackets

Make Nine 2021

I’m sharing from top left in rows.

  1. Skinny joggers. Specifically I want to do a RTW rub off of some I have from PINK. I’ve had them a long time, and a month or so ago they developed holes in them. I love them so much that I want to try to recreate them. I’m hoping that since I can cut this pair up, it’ll help me get more accurate.
  2. Self Drafted top or dress. I’m not sure exactly what I want this to be but I want to use the pattern making book to make something for sure by the end of the year.
  3. Nova Jumpsuit by True Bias. Confession, I have not been very successful with True Bias Patterns when it comes to fit. I love the Hudson’s but the other patterns just haven’t worked for me. But, I’ve seen so many cute versions of this. I feel like it would be cute for work with a cardigan. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, wearing a pattern from head-to-toe, which is why it made the list.
  4. Overalls: I put the Yanta overalls down but I’m not married to that pattern yet. I want to make a cute shorts overall for summer. This is mostly to check off my sewing skill set. I’m not sure overalls are my style, but I’m hoping I can have fun with the print and make it more me.
  5. Mountain View pants from Hey June. This is another one on here due to old RTW. I have some old yoga pants that have died and I still want them in my wardrobe. Since this is a free pattern, I thought I’d try it first before trying to draft my own.
  6. Trevi Top by Hey June. This is a pattern I own but haven’t made. Rarely happens with Indie patterns. I was thinking about it for a Minerva make, but changed my mind because of the drape of the fabric, after I had bought the pattern.
  7. Wheaton Windbreaker by Hey June. Trifecta of hey June it seems. I say I rarely own indie patterns without sewing them up immediately, but I do have this too. I grabbed it while it was on sale during Black Friday. I’ll need to remedy the situation by making it, maybe around April.
  8. Puffer Jacket. This is probably be one of my first things to tackle in January. I’m considering this pattern. I’ve never bought a pattern from Etsy but there are not a ton of puffer patterns. I probably could hack my own, but I really like the look of this pattern.
  9. Black Beauty Bra: You’ve seen this on a make nine. I can’t help it. I did make this pattern this year. Bras are a bit harder for me to make because of all the notions. I talk myself out of it. If I put it on my make 9, I’m 10x more likely to actually make it. I really want to make a black version.

    That’s my goals for 2021. What are your goals?

Sherpa Pacific Pullover Review

I’ve got mixed feelings sharing this make with you. From a distance, it’s so cute. But there are a few issues that I have to talk about. It’s not with the pattern, so don’t freak out if you reading this for the pattern. But if you want to use sherpa with this pattern, you may want to keep reading.

The Pattern is the Pacific Pullover from GreenStyle Creations. I sewed it up in a Size Large with a Small bust adjustment and 1.5″ added to the sleeve. I won a giveaway on their instagram and picked out this pattern to get for free awhile ago.

Let’s just get the embarrassing part out of the way. My zipper curves. Why? Because I thought you were supposed to cut the zipper opening when cutting the fabric. When I start sewing it up, I realize you are supposed to interface and then stitch around where the opening will be before cutting. I also realize I didn’t cut the full length of the zip, only about halfway, so I’ll just apply the interfacing and then stitch around it and cut the rest of the way. No problem, right? yeah, the sherpa fur was adhered to the interfacing, meaning the fabric wasn’t actually butt up next to each other with I applied the interfacing like I thought. Thus I ended up going diagonally to stay on the fabric. I really didn’t realize the zipper would look diagonally till it was fully inserted. I unpicked and redid some so it’s better than it was. But there was no way to move the bottom over since it’s been cut. So, don’t cut the zip hole before stitching around it… glad we learned that together.

Let’s talk fit. This is a slim fitting pattern meant from fabric with 50% 4 way stretch. This is mostly for athletic knits. You can tell in the pattern photos. Sherpa is not that. My size is a tad closer to a medium but I went for a Large because I knew I needed more room. In truth, I could have left off the small bust adjustment and gone another size up. It’s a close fit. It fits snug with another shirt on underneath. It’s comfortable still, but if I attempt another sherpa version, I would make it a smidge bigger in the bust, waist, and cuffs.

This really is about the warmest thing ever. I know if I made another one, I could make it perfect. But I really don’t want to put my machine through this fabric again. The machine dealt with it fine (I used a walking foot), but it’s so thick, I just don’t feel good about it. I just got a new serger and I waited til this was done to use it. Oh and the amount of sherpa the sheds all over the place. I don’t think I’m ready to make another one. But I have the tools when I do.

I found the instructions very straight forward. There were 2 steps I found confusing.

Step 15, which is optional. It encases the bottom of the zipper tape. But seems to just be sewn on the sides. I would rather the edges be served together or something to secure it. I do agree the bottom of the zipper tape is more comfortable with it, but I didn’t understand a clean finish with it.

Step 19. I didn’t use twill tape. I believe I just turned in seam allowance and top stitched in step 20. I also didn’t have twill tape, but I didn’t understand if it was supposed to be sandwich around like bias tape or just stitched on top of the edge.

I really do like this style of pullover. I have some Pink brand pullovers I wear all the time similar to the intended fabric makeup for this pattern. I’ll use this pattern when those wear out.


Top 5 Highlights 2020

Alright, time for a rare post. A bit of a look into my non-sewing life. I am pretty open on my instagram stories, but in general I know you are here for the sewing, so I keep it sewing.

Top 5 Highlights of the year. I think this is a year to really celebrate the wins. It’s been a hard year for most, 2020 has thrown a lot of things at world. I do want to pre face this post with my husband have been very fortunate throughout this pandemic. I do realize that there are so many people who have lost jobs, struggling financially, and not seeing loved ones. Mental health has been more of a struggle than ever before. I’m heartbroken for what the world has been facing. But let’s not forget some of the good things too.

One last thing before we get into it. This will not be a post full of photos. I apologize. Think of this post as more of a letter than a visual blog post. I work hard to take photos of my sewing because I know it can be helpful when determining pattern and fabric if you are making your own, and I like to have a record of my makes. Since this isn’t a makes post, I didn’t prioritize photos, I do have a few to share, but not much,

  1. We bought our first home in May. John and I are homeowners. I lived in apartments for 5 years. I was ready to move out. Oh what a blessing. I love it so much. We pay maybe $200 more than we did to be in an apartment including utilities monthly. The biggest expense was the down payment and closing costs, as well as renovations we wanted to do. It feels like home.
  2. We paid off my student loans!! What really made this possible was the teacher loan forgiveness. After working 5 years at a title 1 school, I was eligible to have 5,000 forgiven. I started at about 37,000 in loans and paid it off in 5 years. Really proud of myself for being aggressive in paying my loans. We aren’t debt free. My husband has 65,000 (was 78,000 yikes!) That master’s from Mizzou hurts. But that’s a $400 payment we don’t have to make a month anymore. A side related highlight is that the no interest on student loans has allowed us to really pay down his loans. His loans were at 6.8% interest, he had paid 15,000 prior to us marrying without his principal going down due to all the interest from his grace period and being added each month. He couldn’t refinance because he was part time. He did do income-based repayment for awhile, but that also just kept adding interest we would never be able to keep up with.
  3. I went full time at my current school. I’ve always been full time, but last year I was full time within 2 schools in the district. I was at one school Mon-Wed and the other Thurs/Fri. I love the district I was in, but it’s a lot to teach at 2 schools. I was surprised when they told me I would be only at 1 this year. I’m praying it stays this way. I love the school I’m at.
  4. John went full time archeologist. This was a prayer for a long while. Everyone thinks Archeologist is a cool job, and it is but there are not very many jobs available in the field. He knew what company he wanted to work for. He’s been working part time for them for 2 years. We thought we might get full time back in march, but it got delayed with the pandemic. It finally happened. Neither of our jobs pay a bunch, so we need both incomes to stay afloat. I’m so blessed to feel financially stable, where we can really start thinking of building a family without worrying (too hard).
  5. Kitchen and bathroom renovations. We bought a 64 year old house. There has been updates made, but there were some problems. Thankfully my dad and uncle both have renovation experience, so we didn’t have to pay anyone labor except to have the countertops put in. My parents were also gems and helped pay for a bunch too. The kitchen was a priority because we only had 1 drawer, and I had dreams of an island. The bathroom was a surprise but my father-in-law told us how the wood frame in the shower window would eventually rot out, I was like let’s just fix it. I didn’t like having a window in the shower,


Thanks for taking a little journey through my 2020 with me.


Top 5 Reflections 2020

We are right in the middle of looking back at my sewing year for 2020. I’ve already shared my sewing hits and misses. Reflections are all about looking at my goals from last year and any revelations of sewing I have. I’ll be referencing my goals from last year.

  1. Sew a Collection: This goal was inspired by Emily Hallman and a sewing challenge ‘ The Great Module Sewalong’. I’m glad I tried sewing this way. It’s not something I see myself doing but it’s a fun thing to throw in every now and then. It’s funny that I actually don’t wear any of these pieces together most times. I might play around with a burnt orange collection next year. I’m also wanting to work on more Taylor Swift pieces, which I kind of put my Taylor pieces together in a collection in my head.

2. Color: Last year I wanted to add more yellow, purple, and oranges. I stated that I made too much blue. I have to confess that I did sew a lot of blue this year too. Whoops. I was intentional in sewing more yellow and I’m happy with my new yellow additions. Purple looks good on and I feel like didn’t add very much in that color that is wearable in normal life. Orange is just a color I don’t wear much. I made 2 orange garments, 1 didn’t quite work for me. I would like to add orange to my wardrobe in 2021. Yay for the yellow though.

3. Perfecting fit: I’m so proud of myself on fitting garments this year. I nailed this goal. Patterns that I fixed the fit on: S8513, Sabrina Slims, Moxie Shorts, M7124, McCalls Emmie, M7964, Fringe, M7544, and Marigold. I really feel like I can successfully fit to my body. This was a huge win.

4. Recreating RTW: I definitely met this goal more at the beginning of 2020 than towards the end. Some of these are my within my favorites and I would have never made them without the RTW inspiration. I want to do more of this next year. I adore my Kalle Anthropologie inspired dress, my scrap busting Stevie top, and my puppy pocket shirt.

5. Drafting: haha. I tried, sort of. There are really 2 garments I self drafted. Neither are huge successes. Both are rubbed off RTW. The cami I wear all the time, but I particularly messed up drafting the strap connecting to bodice area. I made it work but it wasn’t right. The shorts are for PJ’s and I wear them a bunch too. But the crotch curve just isn’t right. If you count all my small amounts of drafting for hacking patterns, I did great, I ‘m good at that. Full self-drafted patterns was not in the cards for 2020.

Bonus Reflections:

6. Pattern testing: I wanted to do more pattern testing. I pattern tested 2 times this year for Untitled thoughts and 1 time for Love Notions. I’m still flabbergasted I got to pattern test for Love Notions. I wouldn’t say I have an “in” within pattern testing companies, but I enjoyed the pattern tests I did and hope to do more.

7. I’m not sure why I didn’t list sewing separates in my goals last year because I was a pretty big goal of mine this year. Mostly to find work pants. Which I successfully did in the Sabrina Slims. When I discuss data, I’ll really point this out but I’m so glad I made less dresses and more separates this year.

That’s all for my 2020 reflections. Not too shabby. I still plan to put out my not-sewing-related highlights, sewing goals, and year in review with data.


Sewing Top 5: Misses 2020

I’m back reviewing my sewing year of 2020. If you missed it, I already posted the Top 5 Hits. This post is dedicated to those makes that I’m just not happy with.

  1. Simplicity 8646

I have come to the conclusion that I do not like off the shoulder tops. They photograph well, but I spend the whole day readjusting the sleeves to stay over the shoulders. I did attempt an elastic trick but it didn’t work for me. I also can’t wear off-the-shoulder tops to school, which limits the wearability of this. I think I wore it once this summer.

2. Ponte Sabrina Slims

This make pains me to include it. If you read my top hits, you’ll know Sabrina Slims made it on that list (green version). This version has all my perfect fit adjustment, what could be wrong? The fabric. Ponte. I have read lots of people make pants out of Ponte, so I’m blaming the specific fabric I used. It keeps ripping at the seams. It was initially at the waistband, I fixed it 3 times. They are currently sitting downstairs in the sewing room because the butt seam has tore. I can’t trust these to stay in one piece. I really might buy Navy Liverpool to make another Navy Sabrina Slim version because it really is handy in my wardrobe.

3. Givre Tank

I was really impressed with how the armhole and neckband looked for this make. However, the underarm is too high. It’s a bit uncomfortable. I might just buy a black tank. It’s not a super exciting thing to make. I had made the Givre shirt before this, so I should have known about the underarm, but it’s not as noticeable in a sleeved version. Once I put this on and wear it for a bit, it doesn’t bother me but it’s pretty uncomfortable when I first put it on.

4. Phoenix Blouse

I had this idea in my head for awhile to use lace as the center piece of the Phoenix. It isn’t that fabric I don’t like, it’s the solid pink. My mother-in-law gifted me this fabric. I swear its like a bedsheet. It doesn’t lay light garment fabric. I just don’t enjoy wearing this one. I was hoping I’d change my mind after wearing it but it remains in my closet barely worn.

5. Self Drafted Cami

Oh how I need to work on my drafting skills. I actually wear this a bunch. But I need to take the time to shorten the straps. They are too long and often fall off my shoulders during the day. Obviously I also had some drafting issues where I had to make the strap begin wider and get narrow to work.

We all have projects that just aren’t right. I hope you enjoyed seeing mine. I still have a few year in review posts for you, highlights, reflections, and all the data.


Sewing Top 5: Hits 2020

It’s that time of year again, to look back at the year of sewing. I really enjoy breaking down the year. If you didn’t join me last year, here are the posts you can expect: hits, misses, highlights, goals, reflections and overview in numbers. This was started by the blog Crafting a Rainbow. This is my 3rd year posting a year in review. Today we are looking at the hits.

I had a pretty good year, I haven’t gotten rid of any of my makes from this year. Hey, some good things to 2020. As I looked for the stand out makes, I considered what was worn the most, fit my style best, and made me want to make more versions.

The makes are not ranked, it’s difficult enough to pull just 5 favorites, much less decide which was the all in all winner.

  1. Sabrina Slims from Love Notions

I actually made 4 versions of this pattern. They are my go-to work pant. They are so comfortable. I picked the green knit as my favorite but all 4 get worn a ton, at least 1 of them worn during the week but normally 2-3 in a week. I do think I like Liverpool fabric the best for this pattern. I started the year wanting to figure out a pant that works for school and I did it.

2. Moxie Shorts by Greenstyle Creations

I actually don’t think the burgundy pair made it to the blog since they were so similar to the blue pair, I didn’t feel like I had enough for another blog post over the Moxi’s. It is no longer summer so these lovelies are set away till next summer. However, I basically lived in these during summer. The pattern needs some adjustments at the beginning but once you have your fit figured out, it’s worth it. I love this style of shorts.

3. McCall’s 7544

This one came as a bit of surprise to me. I expected it to be an okay wardrobe filler, but I love it. It’s definately a summer top, not seasonally appropriate for winter. The pattern did need a few adjustments but I’m so glad I’m getting to a place to be able to mostly do those adjustments prior to making.

4. McCall’s 7251

I was also a bit surprised by how much I loved this one. It turned out so cute and comfortable. Taking the pockets out was a super easy hack. I wear this to school on days I don’t feel like dressing up but I still want to look cute. They pair great with my navy Ponte Sabrina Slims. I love the sleeves and sleeve tab. In fact, I loved that feature so much that I hacked a sleeve tab onto my Kalle Flannel shirt. The fit is perfect.

5. Oakley Vest by Love Notions

And Love Notions gets another mention. I did not have any vests (besides my fur vest) in my wardrobe, so this filled a hole in my wardrobe. I’m quite proud of all the bias binding on this piece. It’s so cozy to wear on cold days. I’m a fan.

That’s a wrap on my top 5 Hits. It’s clear that fit and wearability won out this year. I have a lot of other pieces that I love as well, so it was difficult to pick these 5 but I feel confident in these picks. Spoiler alert: I’ve made 72 garments this year. Look for my Top 5 Misses next.